roborock Q5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Roborock Q5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Roborock Q5 Max is a robot vacuum cleaner offering various advanced features to help you keep your home clean.

Here are some key features of the Roborock Q5 Max:

Powerful suction:

The Q5 Max has a powerful motor that delivers up to 2500Pa of suction power. It effectively cleans up dirt, dust, and debris from carpets, hard floors, and other surfaces.

Advanced navigation:

The Q5 Max uses advanced sensors and mapping technology to navigate your home. It creates a detailed space map and optimizes its cleaning path for maximum efficiency.

Customizable cleaning:

The Roborock app can customize the Q5 Max’s cleaning settings. It has scheduling cleaning times, selecting specific areas or rooms to clean, and adjusting the suction power.

Long battery life:

The Q5 Max has a 5200mAh battery that provides up to 2.5 hours of cleaning time on a single charge. It allows the vacuum to clean larger spaces without recharge.

Automatic recharging:

When the Q5 Max’s battery runs low, it will automatically return to its charging dock to recharge before resuming cleaning where it left off.

Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility:

You can control the Q5 Max using voice commands through Alexa or Google Assistant, making it easier to use.

In Conclusion:

Overall, the Roborock Q5 Max is a high-performing robot vacuum cleaner with various advanced features. The features make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a convenient and effective way to keep their home clean.

roborock Q7 Max Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner, 4200Pa Strong Suction, Lidar Navigation, Multi-Level Mapping, No-Go&No-Mop Zones, 180mins Runtime, Works with Alexa, Perfect for Pet Hair(Black)

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  • Deeper Cleaning with Powerful 4200 Pa Suction: With an incredible maximum suction power of 4200 Pa, the Q7 Max easily lifts debris and pet hair from floors, drags it from cracks, and draws it from carpets. When a carpet is detected, it will automatically increase its suction to the maximum for deep cleaning.
  • Vacuum and Mop Simultaneously: To get rid of fine dust that vacuuming alone might miss, the Q7 Max can vacuum and mop simultaneously. Equipped with an electronic pump, the Q7 Max offers 30 water flow levels so you can fine-tune cleaning to match your floor types and preferences.
  • Clean Smarter with PreciSense LiDAR Navigation: LiDAR navigation, which is incredibly accurate, can now be viewed in 3D, building precise maps of your home. It also monitors cleaning routes efficiently. You can virtually recreate your home by adding furnishings and flooring materials.
  • Combined Dustbin & Water Tank: Combining the 470 ml dustbin and 350 ml water tank means that you can clean more often without worrying about emptying or refilling.
  • Multi-directional Floating All-Rubber Brush: An all-rubber brush strongly resists hair tangles making it ideal for tackling long hair and pet hair. Multi-directional design means the brush can be closer to the floor to provide deeper and more efficient cleaning.

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